“Organizations are spending more time and money deploying and keeping big data architectures up and running than they are actually using the data to make better decisions. By leveraging specialized cloud environments, clients can reallocate these resources to monetize their big data investments.”

Kenneth Ziegler
Chief Executive Officer

Nearly 50% of companies cite lack of in-house expertise as primary reason that business intelligence projects fail

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Deploying big data: 2012 strategies for IT departments


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Cloud computing and big data are in the enterprise to stay. IT decision makers have embraced, or at least accepted, the technologies, and companies now have the money to invest in them.

"Deploying Big Data 2012" shows that IT decision makers recognize that companies that adopt methods to successfully manage and utilize big data for strategic business decisions will create a natural competitive advantage for their organizations. The survey indicates, however, that this is not without significant challenges.

IT decision makers realize the future belongs to those companies who can overcome these and other hurdles and who can figure out how to harness big data to their advantage. The key is knowing how to accomplish this. Download this free report to learn what these influential IT decision makers had to say.

The target audience for this survey was IT decision makers:

VP of IT / Technology

Director of IT / Technology

Manager / Project Manager - IT

IT / Data Analyst

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